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 ECTACO Partner EEs500 English <-> Estonian - Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

 Price: $ 189.95
Category:  Talking dictionary
Language pair:  English<->Estonian; Estonian<->English
Vocabulary:  115,660 words
Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection Yes
































The new ECTACO Partner EEs500 is a bilingual English <-> Estonian translating dictionary and so much more. Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly, the EEs500 features all the latest programming advances. Containing a massive 115,660 words in its comprehensive vocabulary database plus 14,000 of the most important phrases for immediate communication, the EEs500 employs sophisticated TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis to speak any of its entries aloud so you don’t have to. Perfect for anyone just beginning to explore the world of international communication, the EEs500 is loaded with the linguistic resources and extras that make all the difference when you need a reliable, portable companion to help make sense of the world in another language.

A Complete Resource

115,660 words that can be instantly translated in either direction make the EEs500 the perfect choice for anyone who needs on-the-spot translations between English and Estonian. And an additional 14,000 first-use phrases that can also be spoken aloud make it simple to understand and be understood in almost any commonly encountered situation. SAT 200 and SAT 5000 vocabularies help those preparing for tough standardized college-entry tests by building a winning vocabulary quickly and accurately. Add in popular American idioms, a full English grammar resource with irregular verbs, and enjoyable linguistic games to improve your skills while you play and you have one of the best all-around translators ever designed.

Unlimited Voice Output

Employing the latest TTS speech synthesis to deliver complete pronunciation in the EEs500 database means that you will always know just how a word should be said. No more trying to sound out a transcription. Just touch a button and let the EEs500 do the talking for you. And with unlimited voice output, the device will say anything at all – just enter any word using the comfortable and intuitive keypad and get instant clear and audible pronunciation at the touch of a button.

Intuitive Interface

The user-friendly English interface makes navigating through the volumes of information contained in the EEs500 fast and easy. The device also features an advanced Look-up function and a Word Recognition utility plus the award-winning Vector Ultima™ spell-checker to ensure accuracy. An easy to read 255x160 LCD display lets you use the device for hours on end without the fatigue that comes from using other screens.

Loaded with Extras

In addition to all the most indispensable linguistic resources, the EEs500 also comes pre-loaded with loads of extras usually found in the most sophisticated business organizers. Use the English World Time utility to stay on schedule no matter where you are and take charge of your finances with the built-in calculator. Currency and metric converters let you make sense of exchange rates and size differences easier than ever before.

The Partner EEs500 includes:

  • English Interface

  • 115,660 entry bi-directional dictionary

  • Advanced English TTS speech synthesis pronounces any word

  • 14,000 entry Audio PhraseBook enabled with English TTS pronunciation

  • English Phonetic transcription

  • Instant reverse translation

  • Look-up function

  • Advanced word recognition

  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker

  • Slang Lock feature to exclude slang from translations

  • English Irregular verbs

  • American English Idioms

  • Electronic English grammar book

  • SAT 200 and SAT 5000 vocabulary builders

  • Linguistic games including the ever-popular and effective Hangman

  • USA interview utility to help prepare for citizenship exams

  • English World Time clock

  • Calculator

  • Currency and Metric converters

  • Easy to read 255*160 dot LCD screen

  • Instant mini-USB PC connection

  • SD card support

  • And more…

This model is normally operated in a silent mode and you will need to press the "Speaker" button or to choose the corresponding option from the menu in order to hear the translation spoken out loud.


  Speech recognition
  Commonly used phrases14,000
  DisplayLCD screen, Resolution: 255x160 pixels
  Screen backlight
  Headphones jack
  PC connection
  AC adapter jack
  Batteries (included)2xAAA
  Dimensions (WxDxH)4.6x3.35x0.6 in
  jetBook Reader
  Video Player
  Ectaco/C-pen Scanner
Value pack
  1 year warranty
  Bonus & demo software
  Slim case 
  Advanced search
  Instant reverse translation
  Irregular verbs
  New word recording
  Electronic grammar book
  Math calculator
  Engineer calculator
  Currency conversion
  Metric conversion
  Daily alarm







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